NIKTA ONE is an integrated financial projection and accounting software with lots of formulas that helps you create a projected income statement, a projected balance sheet as well as a financial plan for up to 24 months. Numerous specific types of planning logic and complex formulas make the planning process simpler and faster for users. At the same time, NIKITA ONE allows you to generate a great variety of evaluations, reports and analyses as well as variance analyses (planned vs. actual) during the year and provides an easy-to-use scenario planning feature. Actual data of up to five companies can be imported and consolidated.


All key features at a glance:

  • Import and consolidation of data for up to five companies
  • Monthly PLANNED vs. ACTUAL comparisons and forecasts
  • Automatic generation of all (financial) licensing documents
  • Ease of use
  • Generation of comprehensive reports and analyses
  • Integrated projections and profit-and-loss accounting
  • Planning model using lots of formulas for better quality of projections and notably faster processes
  • Workflow manager and easy project planning supporting the planning process
  • Calculation of COVID-19-related loss


The application is continuously being refined first and foremost on the basis of user feedback. All you need is a recent EXCEL version (EXCEL 365), basic EXCEL skills and the necessary hardware.